Women, let’s build sustainable peace

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence are over. A lot of events have been happening and it is exciting to see the dedication from various sectors and the support for the cause of women’s rights.

When women know who they are, they can become true peace builders.
When women know who they are, they can become true peace builders.

However, a lot still needs to be done to bring about peace in the home and in the world. On reflection of life and women’s lived realities, it is sad that even women themselves are the gate keepers of militarism.

Imagine a woman, full of life, energy, and ideas who is not afraid to speak her mind.

She is someone who is able to make a difference, a well spoken and meticulously dressed sister. How would other women generally respond to that sister? Well, the reactions differ and if she is lucky to meet more liberal and caring sisters, she would walk away with a compliment! Often women look at the very trivial things of life instead of enhancing each other’s capacities.

That being said, it is very important for us to note that during these 16 days and throughout the year, every woman has a role to play in ensuring her own peace is realized. I am a strong believer that when people are at peace with themselves, they exude peace to the world!

Take a moment to reflect on your personal life and what you say and do – how does that bring peace first to you, those around you and to the world? Unless you are at peace with who and what you are, you are unlikely to do much peace building.

As we reflect on the commemoration of 16 Day of activism against gender based violence, may every woman be challenged to be supportive of the next sister’s space so that she is developed as a peace builder. It is a choice we can all make and it is definitely a worthwhile choice.

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