Women’s fundamental role

Women have a fundamental role in influencing political and social change in the rural areas, a representative of the MDC Women’s Assembly said on Saturday.

Gertrude Dhobha, a national women`s representative of the Women’s Assembly for Masvingo, said women had a significant role to play in terms of influencing political and social change through mass mobilisation in the rural areas. She urged women to come up with social clubs in order to create a platform to share constructive ideas on social and political matters.

“We want to shrug off the image of portraying women as rumour mongers, objects and tools to satisfy men. It is now time for women to take the initiative in determining what is good for them. While I know that women have been subjected to abuse at hands of Zanu (PF) militia, this time we must discuss ways of protecting ourselves,” she said.

She expressed disappointment at the number of women who registered to vote in the 2008 harmonised elections.

“I am not happy with the number of women who registered to vote in the March 2008 polls. While the attendance of women at rallies is good, we must make sure we register to vote so that we can trounce Zanu (PF) come election time. Women have the capacity to turn things around.

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