Youth’s Black Christmas campaign

The Zimbabwe Youth Wing will next Thursday launch its annual “Black Christmas” campaign.

The campaign is meant to raise awareness for ongoing human rights abuses and put pressure on the government to act. The Johannesburg-based ZYW was formed two years ago to provide humanitarian and psychological support for exiled victims of President Robert Mugabe’s political violence.

“We strongly feel that the Unity Day Celebration in Zimbabwe is a mockery and we oppose Zanu (PF) propaganda,” said Ishmael Kauzani, who leads the organisation.

“The Zimbabwean justice system poses a dilemma for those concerned with human rights and it is time to strengthen resistance to Mugabe's defiant behaviour that is disrupting social order. It is our responsibility to react against a system that has reduced Zimbabweans to destitution.”

Among issues of protests will be unjustified arrests of Mugabe’s political opponents, the incarceration of MDC-T youth leader, Solomon Madzore, and the continued use of Mugabe’s Chipangano terror group.

The protestors will also campaign for the immediate arrest and sentencing of known perpetrators of political violence.

“We will also work with Women of Integrity to fight for a people-driven constitution, good governance and peace in Zimbabwe,” added Kauzani. “We call upon all those forced into exile, where they are separated from their beloved ones and remain vulnerable to exploitation, xenophobia and subjugation to wear black armbands on their right side, in solidarity with political activists suffering in prisons.”

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