Zanu (PF) corrects political mistake

Zanu (PF) has transferred the role of farm input distribution from the traditional leadership to party officials in a bid to gain lost popularity through ‘transparent and non-partisan’ allocation of seed and fertilizer.

“Traditional leadership’s favouritism cost Zanu (PF) popularity in the past and it is high time party officials were responsible for future input distribution. As a party, we resolved that such public schemes should be handled by accountable party leadership such as district and ward chairpersons,” said a party insider at the provincial offices.

Last week, villagers from Nhowe, Masomera and Dhirihori, Chief Svosve area received maize seed collected from Zanu (PF) leadership homesteads.

“We received maize seed from Zanu (PF) District Chairperson, Shepherd Zenda’s homestead on Thursday. This was the first time my family benefitted from such an exercise as traditional leadership used to discriminate against us. Ward chairperson, Peter Nemukuyu, rose to the traditional leadership challenge and vowed to implement the new party position regarding non partisan farm input distribution. This was good of Zanu (PF) for now,” said a villager from Masomera.

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