Zanu (PF) youths used to intimidate people

This story is addressing the issue of the upcoming elections in Zimbabwe. Speaking at the meeting is Zanu-PF's committee member for Mudzi District Newman Nyakuba. The opening scene shows Zanu-PF youths running into the meeting singing some of their party songs.

Mudzi Myakuba

Nyakuba stresses that people should register to vote in the next coming elections so as to protect the prolonged existence of Zanu-PF. He warns those who do not register that it will be a crime and that they will be beaten for failure to adhere to that command. He also tells people in this meeting that they should vote to protect their country and that the youth militia are the watchdogs who are not afraid to instill discipline by beating people.

The clip ends with a commendation for the youth who are said to have left MDC and rejoined Zanu-PF. These are the same youths that are trained by Zanu-PF with an intention to do national duty but are used as a tool to violently intimidate people as a way to coerce them into supporting the ruling party.

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