Zimbabwe needs $336,34m until 2015 for child food aid

Zimbabwe's Government of National Unity (GNU) needs at least $336,34 million in cash for food aid for poor children, the United Nations (UN) has confirmed. The UN has distributed a National Budget for the programme for poor children in Zimbabwe.

"The Programme of Support (POS) which was developed under the National Action Plan I and reviewed for NAP II will provide the framework for multi-year, multi-donor funding where donors will pool resources together for the implementation of the NAP," the UN said in a note accompanying the National Budget.

"The POS funds will be managed through UNICEF." It said the main donors contributing to the pool of funds right now included DFID, NZAID, SIDA Sweden, The Netherlands Government, German Government, AUSAID and the European Commission.

"They have already given indicative commitments to provide support for implementation of the NAP II," the UN said.

in 2011 $51 970 000 would be made available while in 2012, $55 836 000 is planned, the UN said. It said in 2013, $63 656 000 would be made available while in 2014 a total sum of $76 144 000 would be given to the GNU.

Finally in 2015 a grand total of $88 734 000 would be made available, bringing the total to $336 340 000, the UN said. The Government of Zimbabwe has been providing resources for social protection for vulnerable groups.

"From 2001 to-date government resources budgeted specifically directly to help in two areas – education under the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM), and maintenance for children in conflict with the law under Children in Difficult Circumstances (CDC)," the UN said.

"From 2008 onwards, government made some resources available for NAP I through the CDC budget line. The budgets for 2009 and 2010 have already been utilised."

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