Zuma’s team holds final meeting with Zim negotiators

It has been revealed that the GPA negotiators from Zimbabwe’s political parties, and the facilitators representing South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma, met on Monday to again try to resolve the GPA issues that have not been implemented and are blocking progress towards elections.

Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma

But once again Zimbabweans were not informed of this crucial meeting, which was to be the last before a report is made to the chief negotiator, President Zuma.

Elton Mangoma, co-Chairperson of the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC), told SW Radio Africa on Wednesday that the facilitation team returned to South Africa to brief Zuma and to establish a date for him to meet with the leaders in Zimbabwe’s unity government.

He added that the Principals are aware they are to meet with Zuma soon.

Mangoma said the Monday meeting was to make sure that when President Zuma comes, he will be aware of the “issues that were agreed but have not been implemented and ask why there has been no movement.” He added: “And on the areas we are disagreeing yet they are so fundamental, how can we move the process forward.”

Recognizing that progress towards elections was too slow, regional leaders at a summit back in May resolved to appoint a three member team to assist JOMIC with the GPA implementation. But 7 months later that team is nowhere in sight.

Mangoma said the two members already appointed might start working when JOMIC holds their next meeting, which is scheduled for “sometime next week”. The third member is from Zambia, where the new government of President Michael Sata is believed to have endorsed the nominee chosen by the previous government, but hasn’t officially appointed him.

Asked whether ZANU PF is the party responsible for this apparent lack of progress in the negotiations, he said: “We see the problems as emanating from ZANU PF intransigence and it is the job of the facilitator to now say these are the issues and how do we have a violence free election that is free and fair, and that has a legitimate outcome.”

Mangoma admitted that progress has been slow and those who accuse the negotiators of showing no sense of urgency or political will to resolve Zimbabwe’s political crisis are “well within their limits”. The process has dragged on for three years.

Unfortunately it is ordinary Zimbabweans who continue to suffer while the politicians take their time to conduct critical meetings and play games over implementing what they agreed to, and signed, in the GPA. – SW Radio African News

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