1,5 million get farm inputs

Zanu (PF) presidential candidate, Robert Mugabe, has dished out inputs to 560 000 cash-strapped rural folk, a UN report reveals.

A further 550 000 citizens in the rural areas who were given inputs by international donors. The document says: “A total of 1 552 640 smallholder households have benefitted from combined input schemes (560 000 from the Presidential Well Wishers Agricultural Inputs Scheme, 443 640 from Government Crop Input Scheme, 550 000 from donor-funded input scheme implemented by humanitarian organisations).”

It said 1,6 million Zimbabweans faced severe food shortages and would benefit from other schemes organised by donors, who were recently given a strong tongue-lashing by the government for allegedly meddling in politics instead of feeding the rural folk.

The document also records that 1,75 million out of 3,27 million students and 49 890 out of 101 402 teachers have been supported through the delivery of quality essential basic service activities in the country.

“Two million out of 7,5 million people were reached with safe water and benefitted from hygiene and sanitation promotion programmes,” the document says.

The nation still faces a high mortality rate and widespread outbreaks of preventable diseases, while 33 percent of all rural Zimbabweans drink from unprotected water sources and 98 percent of cholera cases were in the rural areas.

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