17 arrested, 5 assualted by police in Bulawayo

SEVENTEEN members of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) were arrested at 8:30am by plain clothed police officers from Donnington Police station in Bulawayo. At least 3 were assaulted by arresting police before the whole lot were transferred to Bulawayo central law and order department.

They were taken to Law and Order Department and notorious officer George Levison Ngwenya took up the matter. Two more members were beaten. The single male members was then separated and released after an hour leaving the 16. The members are at this time being made to answer profile questions and finger printed and photographed.

It is unclear if they will be detained or what the charges could be. The members were picked up standing around or sitting separately at a shopping centre in the Industrial sites. WOZA note that once again the Officer Ngwenya is overzealous and assaults members in his ongoing personal vendetta against WOZA members. Whilst WOZA is happy that the male member who is very unwell was released, we note the blatant abuse of female members.

WOZA also note that in the last 2 week there has been an increase of stop and search of people going about their business and many citizens have been beaten in the street for no apparent reason. There seems to be an unwritten law against walking around the city. WOZA call on the police commissioner to clarify if this is an official order or merely excessive use of force by police officers such as Ngwenya.

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