Aspiring president speaks out

We need to bake new economic cakes, rather than slice up old ones Raymond Chamba has said. He intends to stand for President as an independent at the next election. He has no political party behind him, but these are his views: As an ordinary Zimbabwean I choose to take a stand. For too long the nation has been run on a party-based system that cultivates contrived differences, dividing people. The overly partisan and factional nature of our politics has resulted in minimal attention to developme

I want to stop my generation from becoming a Fong Kong Republic run by faux Fu-Manchu revolutionaries that stand to sweep it down the Ýangtze River of murky dealings, and staid doses of old slogans that don’t allow for change in a new dynamic. Zimbabwe needs to understand that there are many investment destinations and must cultivate a competitive investment climate.

Economic empowerment misses the mark if it’s all about dicing and slicing the old prosperity portals of Rhodesia. We should focus on creating an enabling environment for new dreamers and dreams. No country prospers by scrounging off old dreams. We need to bake new economic cakes, rather than slice up old ones. Worthy beneficiaries of single farms should be left to sink or swim. So should the parastatals.

Our people need investment – but that can only come when our politics rise beyond petty squabbling and individualized primitive accumulation. Development is a construct of law and order. We need to extricate ourselves from a culture of fear and mutual suspicion. Where fear and uncertainty reign, no development takes place.

The grotesque political freak-show that is the GNU must end right away. It is not working. Political pimps, old ringmasters, petty egoists, and narrow ethno-centrists need to be put out to pasture. It’s time to move swiftly towards, internationally monitored, free and credible elections. Zimbabwe is far too important to regional and international stability to have its fate left to the contemptible whims of an out-of-touch minority. It’s time for the Church to take practical action towards righting the political and economic course of this nation. In this regard I am not a natural candidate, but fervently believe that God qualifies the unqualified so that all Glory be to his name and no-one else. The kind of Chinese business practices we are witnessing today pose a danger to our medium and long-term prosperity. Never has the unholy trinity of low price, low quality and low ethics conspired to effectively retard the progress of a country so blessed with talent and resources. We ought to pay a little extra and get our people working and our local quality products dominating the shelves once again.

Our present diplomatic tiff with the Western world is retrogressive. On the strength of misdirected diplomatic bravura we have effectively swapped the shackles of white settler minority discrimination for the manacles of Chinese irresponsible, minimalist investments and laissez –faire labour abuse.

It looks as though every pair of jeans is escorted into the country by a Chinese comrade. My administration will immediately effect massive deportations of fake investors back to the villages of their motherland.

We deserve to be bound by the commonality of our hopes for progress and prosperity rather than a common fear.

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