BPRA welcomes EU move

The Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association has welcomed the European Union’s move to the second city. “We welcome any interventions or actions aimed at addressing the marginalisation of Matabeleland that has led to the region lagging behind in terms of development,” said Rodrick Fayayo BPRA Coordinator.

“ Tied to this is the issue of the de-industrialisation of Bulawayo that has led to high levels of unemployment and increased poverty in Bulawayo and Matabeleland as a whole. BPRA thus welcomes the EU delegation and hopes steps will be taken towards ending the marginalisation of Matabeleland during the visit.

Fayayo said the problems facing Matabeleland were due to a lack of will and inability by the country’s leadership to develop the region. “In our view, devolution of power – a combination of administrative and political de-centralisation- is central to solving Matabeleland’s problems. We hope the new constitution, when it comes out, adopts devolution as a system of governance to be used in the country,” he said.

“We know that devolution of power, authority, resources and responsibility would put the destiny of the people of Matabeleland in the hands of the people of Matabeleland, ending the marginalisation that has been prevalent since independence. In a devolved state, the priorities of citizens and residents would be respected.”

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