Bungee jumper speaks out after rope snap horror – video

An Australian daredevil hasn’t ruled out bungee jumping again after a horror fall which saw her cord snap, plunging her into crocodile-infested waters.

Erin Langworthy plummeted 111m from the Victoria Falls bridge into the Zambezi River, on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, on New Year’s Eve.

The 22-year-old luckily survived the impact despite blacking out and was forced to swim through rapids populated with crocs – with her feet still tied.

As terrifying footage of the incident went viral around the internet and news channels, Erin spoke out about her ordeal.

Erin plummets from the Victoria Falls bridge, above, and the moment her rope snapped, below

Speaking to Daybreak this morning, she said: “I felt this really sharp jolting pain as I came to a sudden stop.

“I had my hands up and my hands broke the surface tension of the water.

“I hit the water and I blacked out for a couple of seconds I think but the water was so cold that it snapped me out of it.”

Reliving the moment she was forced to swim to safety in the reptile-infested river, she said: “I had to begin swimming and I swam down the river.

“As you can see I go quite quickly and I started to hear the rapids in the distance. “No one told me there were crocodiles in it until afterwards.

“My legs were still tied together and they use towels so it’s quire heavy so I was pretty much on my back just trying to stay afloat.”

Southern Province police commissioner Brenda Muntemba told reporters that Ms Worth was treated at Victoria Falls clinic in Zimbabwe before being evacuated to South Africa.

Despite her ordeal, Erin claims she is only “a little bit” angry with the bungee jumping company.

“It shouldn’t have happened but the company’s doing the best they can and it’s all being investigated,” she said.

But she added, although she hasn’t been completely put off bungee jumping, she added: “Probably not for a while."

Click on the video player below to watch Erin's incredible escape when her bungee jump cord snaps

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