Constitution drafting to resume

The drafting of a new constitution is expected to resume on Tuesday, with a draft document expected to be complete by the first week of February, a COPAC co-chairman has said.

Douglas Mwonzora, the MDC-T MP for Nyanga north and COPAC co-chairman, said had it not been for ZANU PF machinations and the childishness of its representatives, the drafters would have completed their work on 20th January.

But he told SW Radio Africa on Monday that because of delays caused by ZANU PF it is no longer possible to meet the January deadline. The MDC-T spokesman also castigated ‘concerted efforts’ by ZANU PF to derail the process.

‘If we do not get any further disturbances, we would be able to get a draft of the new constitution in the first week of February. We want the drafters not to be interfered with when they’re doing their work.

‘This is why as COPAC, we are sending the select and technical committees to be based in Leopard Rock, Vumba for 10 days to allow the drafters to do their work without any hindrances,’ Mwonzora said.

The MDC-T legislator strongly denounced ‘certain’ individuals in COPAC for leaking fake documents to state controlled newspapers, purporting to be a ‘national report’ from COPAC.

‘No such document exists and we know certain individuals are working with the CIO and the military junta to derail the constitution making process. There are people who want to substitute people’s views with ZANU PF views.

‘All I can say now is….its not the fault of the MDC-T. It is the fault of ZANU PF and the junta that we keep having these delays. People should not be fooled to believe the MDC-T is delaying the process because they don’t want an election. Just look at who has been causing all the problems and make your own informed decision,’ Mwonzora added. – SW Radio

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