Council has failed: residents

Residents here have accused the local council of failing them and called for its employees to step down, following six days of no water in the town.

The only place to draw water is the wetlands that some are being forced to use as a bush toilet.
The only place to draw water is the wetlands that some are being forced to use as a bush toilet.

“The council employees responsible for service provision should ship out. They have failed and should vacate office for capable employees to take over,” said a disgruntled Seke resident, Terence Sibanda.

The failure of the council to deal with the water shortage has enraged local business owners.

“Fetching water in the wee hours of the morning means I have less time to sell my wares,” said a vendor, Rutendo Muchwa. “Water is a basic need that we can not do without.”

The local wetlands are the only available source of water, but residents have been using the area as a bush toilet.

“It’s a ticking health time bomb,” said Muchwa.

Another resident, Rachael Vhirimu, said she was advised by her landlord not to use the toilet in her house, but to go elsewhere.

“In the evening we go as a family to the wetlands. We do not have any option,” she said.

Despite there being no water in the taps, residents are slapped with water bills at the end of the month.

“The bill is so high that I am starting to wonder whether I am being charged for the water I draw from the wetlands,” said a resident who requested anonymity.

“Schools opened recently and our children are being subjected to unhygienic conditions. We are very concerned.”

Community-based Waste Management Organisation Officer, Misheck Chinotunga, said he does not understand why residents continue to pay rates when there is no service delivery.

“The relevant authorities in most councils do not care when it comes to service provision. Why should residents continue to pay rates when they realize that what they are paying for is not being provided?” said Chinotunga.

Residents’ concerns come amid revelations that local government minister Ignatius Chombo has set up a team to investigate allegations that Chitungwiza town clerk, Godfrey Tanyanyiwa, has refused to vacate office. This follows his suspension by a special council resolution last year over mismanagement of council resources and poor service delivery, among other issues.

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