Global News Roundup

Ship probe

Investigations into the capsizing of a cruise ship off the Italian coast last weekend have centred on its captain Francesco Schettino. He was questioned by police on Tuesday. Of the 4200 passengers, 29 remain unaccounted for.

Poaching crackdown

The South African government will employ an extra 150 rangers to patrol Kruger National Park to combat an increase in rhino poaching. Last year 448 rhinos were found dead in the country, half of them in the world-renown reserve.

Bomb arrest

Thai police have foiled what may have been a major terrorist attack by seizing the basic ingredients for explosive devices. Bomb experts were led to a Lebanese terror suspect in central Thailand accused of trying to attack westerners.

Military join drug war

Guatemala’s new president, Otto Perez Molina, has ordered the military to help combat organised crime in the country which is besieged by drug gangs. He said he would re-deploy security organisations to combat armed criminals.

Probe lands

Failed Russian space probe, Phobos-Grunt, crashed into the Pacific Ocean near Chile on Sunday. The craft was supposed to have landed on Mars’ moons and send back rock samples. However its engines failed after its launch in November.

Yuan plan for UK

Britain has strengthened its ties with China, signing a deal which sees London become a commercial centre for the Yuan. Chancellor George Osborne said it would off-set any downturn after it opposed new EU regulations.

Thousands will die: UN

Famine in East Africa will kill tens of thousands of people before it ends, the UN estimates. The food crisis, affecting 250,000, officially declared six months ago, is expected to continue until at least mid-2012.

Open field

Egyptian presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei has revoked his bid, criticising the interim military government for not introducing a “real democratic system”. The 69-year-old said he would work outside politics.

Unions end strikes

Two major Nigerian unions have ended their strikes protesting the government’s removal of fuel subsidises. They told those demonstrating in the streets to go home after President Goodluck Jonathan announced concessions.

Support for Romney

American politician John Huntsman has withdrawn himself as a candidate for Republican nominee for president. He endorsed front-runner and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

Building collapses

At least 25 people have been killed after a six-storey building in Beirut collapsed on Sunday.

The cause of the incident is unknown but is the subject of an investigation by authorities. People from Egypt, Sudan and Jordan were killed.

Contempt hearing

Pakistani Prime Minister Yousef Raza Gilani has been ordered by the country’s Supreme Court to face a contempt charge this week. Gilani has refused to re-open corruption cases against politicians and bureaucrats as the court ordered.

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