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Cancer free: doctors

Doctors treating Argentine president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner say she did not actually have cancer.

Tests on the 58-year-old’s removed thyroid found no cancerous cells in the gland. She is expected to return to work within weeks.

Royal ‘murder’

The police investigation into the body of a missing 17-year-old found on Queen Elizabeth II’s property in Sandringham is being treated as murder.

Alisa Dmitrijeva, a Latvian migrant, had been missing since August. Royal staff are expected to be interviewed.

Activists detained

Three Australian activists who boarded a Japanese whaling ship in the Southern Ocean, in a bid to stop the annual whale hunt, have been detained. The men are being questioned by the Japanese coast guard and may face charges in Japan.

Maligned meet

Two of the world’s most controversial leaders have vowed to work together against American “imperial insanity”. Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez in Caracas where they also agreed to fight poverty.

Ibrahim ‘not guilty’

Malaysia’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has been found not guilty of sodomy charges in Kuala Lumpur. Ibrahim, who repeatedly declared his innocence, said the trial was politically-motivated and expressed doubt he would get a fair trial.

ANC turns 100

South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) has marked 100 years since its formation in Bloemfontein. President Jacob Zuma said the organisations achievement filled the nation with pride. An ageing Nelson Mandela is not expected at celebrations.

Prices fuel protests

The doubling of petrol prices in Nigeria has resulted in nationwide protests and violent clashes with police. The government on January 1 implemented its policy to repeal subsidies. Many businesses in the capital, Lagos, closed for fear of riots.

Tucson anniversary

Shot American politician Gabrielle Giffords has led a commemoration service in Tucson to mark the 12-month anniversary since the shooting which killed six. Giffords was one of six injured by 23-year-old gunman Jared Lee Loughner.

Mubarak’s death threat

Prosecutors in the case against former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak have officially sought the death penalty. He is facing trial for corruption and his involvement in the death of protesters during demonstrations last year. Mubarak has pleaded not guilty.

President dies

Guinea-Bissau president Malam Bacai Sanha died in a Paris hospital on Monday. He was 64. He was in France for medical treatment. It is uncertain who will succeed Sanha, who became president after the 2009 assassination of Joao Bernardo Vieira.

Death sentence

A former American marine accused of spying in Iran has been sentenced to death by a Tehran court, despite CIA denials Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, of dual US-Iranian citizenship, is a spy. Iranian authorities do not acknowledge his US citizenship.

Toddler killed

An 18-month-old Russian boy has been killed when pavement gave way underneath him while his mother took him for a walk. The toddler’s mother, 26, was able to be pulled alive. Authorities in Bryansk say a busted hot water pipe damaged the walkway.

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