High fees cripple driving schools

Driving school owners have spoken out against the escalating costs they are facing from the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

“We pay an annual fee of $50, which is appropriate, but on top of that we are being forced to pay $8 for each student’s work book, $5 for an invigilation fee and $2 for the end certificate,” said one of the driving school owners.

He complained that the mounting charges were putting his colleagues out of business.

“There are many other costs, and they are just too high. We have written to the Ministry of Transport and Communications and they said they would look into the issue, but they have not done so to date.”

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is currently under Nicholas Goche.

“We are providing a good service,” said another business owner. “We are being short-changed by our parent ministry and this is very worrying. We need to meet with them in order to pave the way forward.”

The majority of driving school owners who spoke to The Zimbabwean said they were working as driving instructors before they moved into the business end of the industry where they hoped there was more money.

A senior official from the Ministry of Transport and Communications acknowledged that driving school owners were struggling.

“We know the problems the driving school owners are currently facing and we are looking into them. We told them that we would meet with them during the first quarter of 2012.”

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