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To the Zanu (PF) magistrates and judges who are denying the MDC youth president freedom by continually incarcerating him and others at Chikurubi – we now want Solomon Madzore out or you arrest all members of the youth assembly so that he can lead us in prison because we elected him to lead us and we will not rest until he is out. We are prepared to pay for his freedom with our lives. - Happymore Chidziva

The government can surely do better than make noise about them handing out $10 and $25 per month to poor families. I spend $10 in two days, it is not even enough for a week. The cash handouts are a good idea but the money is just not enough.

What they need to do is cut the number of families they are helping so that a reasonable amount is shared among a lesser number of people, rather than boast that they helped lots of people with that meagre amount. How do they decide who is poor and who is not? –Mukombe, Waterfalls

I am one of your regular readers. I think the paper will go a long way in exposing loopholes in the government if you operate in Zimbabwe. May you please do something about this? –Daniel Zvarehwa, Gweru

We are tired of being told fake dates for elections. It was said they would be held in March this year when Mugabe knew it was not possible. If it is going to be 2013 just let us know when. When is the drafting of the constitution going to be through? We need transparency. Copac members are busy spending money in hotels in the guise of contributing to nation building. Please, we need you our leaders to respect us. –George, Warren Park

Midlands State University should be serious. They just stopped running the BA programme telling us that there will no longer be such programme on the day we pitched up to pay our fees. It is just not fair after spending the last six months studying for that programme. They need to be sued. – Marylyn, Mkoba.

Teachers should not include the whole civil servants sector if they want their plight to be heard. They need to go on a strike as teachers and make sure that they stay away from the school premises completely.

They deserve more respect and better salaries than other workers in the civil service; some of them just come to work to harass people needing help. Something one person can do is delegated to five people and they end up demanding high salaries for doing nothing. – Paul, Harare

Business runs Zimbabwe. Leave politics out! – Anon, Harare

Your lead story should have told us about the alleged corruption at the Zimbabwe Investment Centre. It looks like it’s a complete “Ndebele” show. Who is Who there? Nicholas Ncube – Former ZIA boss – Ndebele. Richard Mubaiwa – now ZIA boss – Ndebele – all from Bulawayo! Please investigate. – No to Tribalism

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