Johane Marange sect satanic: GCN

Betty Makoni Director of Girl Child Network International (GCNI) yesterday branded the Johane Marange apostolic sect a pedophile syndicate because of its member’s propensity to “marry” underage children with express support from Zimbabwean political leaders.

Announcing the writing of her biography Makoni threatened to expose politicians who have over the years abated the abuse of women and children by the sect while authorities turned a blind eye.

“Johane Marange apostolic sect sexually enslaves girls, it has ruined the lives of innocent lives, and I am going to expose what I found out in their bedrooms in my book “Never Again”.

“But why has this gone on for a long time with political leaders doing nothing about it, it’s because they are afraid of losing votes come election time,” Makoni posted on her Face Book page.

She said the apostolic sect is Satanic.

“A man wakes up after sleeping with their fifth wife, goes to church and claims the Holy Spirit has given her a ten year old as a wife, it’s a pedophile syndicate operating under the guise of a church in which they have been let loose to rape girls with impunity.

“So by default those leaders who have supported this sect either morally, materially or otherwise are equally guilty of rape and abuse,” Makoni said.

In her book Makoni says she narrates her ordeal after being raped as a child, her education and the trails and tribulations she has faced in her fight for the emancipation of the girl child.

“I was arrested and tortured by office Commanding Harare’s Law and Order Section Chrispen Makedenge in 2007 accusing me of intentions to stand for political office or trying to soil the political profile of the President.

“They also accused me of producing an adverse report on Murambatsvina in which we showed a young girl giving birth in the open because of the cleanup exercise,” she said.

Inspector Makedenge is alleged to have tortured a two year old baby in order to extract a confession from its mother.

President Robert Mugabe came under attack for failing to reign in on the sect after a visit to the sect’s shrine in 2007 showed him in flowing robes and apparently urging them to keep their tradition of polygamy despite the AIDS scourge and child abuse.

Makoni now says she will try in her book to give the numbers of raped and abused children since independence in 1980.

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