Mujuru shocked as cop admits sleeping on duty

Vice President Joice Mujuru has expressed shock after a police detail admitted in court to sleeping on duty while her husband retired army general Solomon Mujuru burnt to death in his farmhouse last year.


Speaking to reporters outside the magistrate courts in Harare where an inquest into the death of her husband Mujuru who refused to apportion blame on the whole police force said the policeman was wrong.

“This person in particular was wrong in sleeping on duty. It’s really shocking and you say to yourself is this a way a person can discharge himself when he is discharging his duties,” said Mujuru.

Mujuru expressed shock at the revelations by the police that they did not know the map of the house where Mujuru the late was reduced to ashes.

During his testimony Constable Obert Mark admitted under cross examination by Mujuru’s lawyers that he was sleeping and also that they did not know the house plan.

The police details who were supposed to be on guard at the farm only saw the fire at around 2 am but other witnesses had seen the fire around 11pm.

The police also admitted that the radio they use was not working during the fateful night when one of the country most illustrious sons died in an inferno that burnt him beyond recognition.

Mujuru the vice president does not want to think bad of anyone for now.

“I don’t want to think bad about anybody but I would like to think that somebody may have faltered on his part and these are in house issues we are about to sort,” said Mujuru

Solomon’s brother Joel Tazviwinga Mujuru said that he has never imagined that a policeman could sleep on duty.

“In my life I have never imagined that a policeman could sleep on duty,” said the outspoken elder brother of the late Mujuru.

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