Murder cases shoots up

A total of 395 murder cases were received by the High Court in the just ended year marking a sharp increase from 386 in 2010.The trend reveals that respect for human life in the country is continuing to diminish.

Parties in the inclusive government have already declared they will hold joint rallies in order to urge peace among their supporters a move expected to stop unnecessary loss of life.

According to figures at hand, the High Court in Bulawayo and its circuit courts received 181 cases last year, a slight drop from 2010’s 204. On the other hand, the High Court in Harare and its circuit courts last year witnessed cases rising from 182 in 2010 to 214.

High Court Judge Justice Lawrence Kamocha said: “The figures are too high for a country like ours. This is indeed a disturbing trend for the country. It is scary to think that at least 395 people or even more will die this year not from natural causes or other disasters but will unlawfully be killed by their fellow men.”

He also reiterated that that the death sentence seems to be achieving less in reducing unnecessary loss of life through murder.

“Even the death sentence does not seem to be achieving the desired detterent effect it was perceived would have at its inception,” he said.

Justice kamocha urged the parties in the inclusive government to actively play their role in in fostering a culture of tolerance among their supporters.

“It is not enough to pay lip service to the call for tolerance and a stop to political violence. This must be matched with actual conduct and sincerity on the part of all politicians,” said the judge.

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