New Pension Trust formed

A NEW Pension Trust, known as the Pensioners Union Trust of Zimbabwe (PUTZ) has been formed in Harare.

The Trust has been registered with the Registraar of Companies and is already functioning in Harare.

In an interview, a spokesman for the new Trust said the former worker had been forgotten and should now rise and speak with one voise.

"We will cover everyone including those in the diaspora who have been left out and have not been receiving their pensions," he said in an interview.

"Workers must not be foregotten especially after they leave their employment and are old. They need to make ends meet just like while they were still working."

He said the pension Trust had many things to offer such as income generating projects, residential stands and housing projects.

"We are working with a leading commercuial building society," the spokesman said.

"We are offering residential stands and housing projects to all our members especially those in Zimbabwe."

He said the pension Trust would also offer funeral help as well as easy access to loans and legal advice to members.

"We sincerely hope that together we can improve our living standards for all former workers," he said.

The move comes at a time when pensioners have been short-changed especially by the |National Social Security Association of Zimbabwe (NSSA).

Pensioners claim that the cash they receive is insufficient while NSSA maintains that the money is enough to cover a living wages for all pensioners.

NSSA, meanwhile, says it is also struggling to riase necessary funds because companies are not paying the monthly fees to the organisation.

"Together we can improve our living standards for all pensioners," the PUTZ spokesman said in the interview.

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