Soldiers beat up villagers in Mutasa South

A group of soldiers camping at Sheba Estates in Mutasa South are reported to be randomly beating up villagers and estate workers. The estate is owned by Border Timbers, Zimbabwe’s largest producer of timber.

The local MP Misheck Kagurabadza visited Sheba Estates on Thursday to verify the reports. He told SW Radio Africa on Friday that these violent soldiers appear to be working in cahoots with the Border Timbers General Manager, named Chinyadza.

Unfortunately we were unable to contact Chinyadza for comment.

As reported earlier this week, Border Timbers has been struggling to cope with ongoing invasions, allegedly coordinated by ZANU PF officials using groups of locals, on another of their estates. The real tragedy is that these so-called settlers are cutting down trees to plant crops on mountainous fields, causing massive soil erosion.

Border Timbers managing director Doug Dell, denied reports of these invasions when contacted by SW Radio Africa. But local activist Peter Chogura said the management is too afraid to act on the situation and are keeping quiet to maintain peace with the settlers. – SW Radio Africa

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