WFP monitors food aid

The World Food Programme has denied a report in last week’s issue that it asked the government for permission to monitor food aid, saying it already has such permission.

“Food distributed by WFP through its partners had always been closely monitored in every country where the organisation works. WFP has official permission to monitor its food distributions through its Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Zimbabwe,” said Country Director, Felix Bamezon, in a statement to The Zimbabwean. “Whenever irregularities related to food distributions are observed, they are dealt with through the agreed Incident Management Protocol and reported on through an Incident Management Report. Most irregularities, when they occur, are dealt with successfully at district level,” said Bamezon.

“The article furthers quotes an unnamed UN official as saying that discussions for a monitoring team are ongoing. No such discussions are underway,” he added.

We apologise to the WFP for the error.

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