What you think of Air Zimbabwe

This is what you think about our national airline:

Some think Air Zim should be stripped down to a skeleton staff, others believe shutting it down is the only option.
Some think Air Zim should be stripped down to a skeleton staff, others believe shutting it down is the only option.

The fact that transport minister, Nicholas Goche ordered Air Zimbabwe planes not to fly to the United Kingdom or South Africa lest planes would be impounded makes him an idiot. Is he suggesting that they’ll never pay debts? I can’t stop laughing. These are the same rock diesel ministers. Why can’t he ask Obert Mpofu to pay the debt since he said Zimbabwe will never beg again, we got diamonds, we got swag! – Roland Maimbodeyi, Harare

So are the planes doing local routes like City – Chitungwiza or City – Mabvuku? -Thulani Sithole, Chitungwiza

The minister is afraid the planes will be impounded all over the world. What a disaster! – Norman Musabayana, Harare

They must just sell the company! Where are they going to fly? – Susan Zuwirayi, Harare

Soon they’ll move all their planes to State House for safety reasons. We can’t have people impounding our sovereign planes: – Marian Chipisa, Harare

Finance minister Tendai Biti is partly to blame for the chaos at Air Zimbabwe. Why does he continue to release money to fund Mugabe’s endless foreign trips? Where in the world does one person spend over $40 million in nine months just for criss-crossing the world? Even Obama, who runs a much bigger economy, can not afford such extravagance. – Bernard Chandaifira, Harare

The Zanu (PF) part of government must simply sell the company to the Chinese. Maybe they will make money. They must just enter into a deal similar to the one that they made with Anjin in Chiadzwa and the defence college. – Regina Musarurwa, Harare

If God can move you all from January to December, He will move you from shame to fame, insult to result, sorry to glory, disgrace to His Grace, labour to favour and mockery to victory. May the Lord God raise you all from worry to glory. Air Zimbabwe will rise again. – Pastor Timothy Chiguvare, Diaspora

Political appointees like David Mwenga, Air Zimbabwe’s regional manager for Europe and America, and Peter Chikumba, former CEO, and Jonathan Kadzura must be fired. They simply make political statements that please their paymasters, skirting the real issues on the ground. These people must have sent clear signals that the airline was headed for doom before allowing the situation to deteriorate to current levels. – Nancy Zulu, Harare

Air Zimbabwe must totally shut down and allow companies like Kenyan Airways and South African Airways to ply its routes for a fee. Maybe that way the company will raise revenue. – Menard Dongo, Harare

The involvement of private players in Air Zimbabwe and parastatals like ZESA and ZUPCO will surely turn around the fortunes of these underperforming entities. New players will definitely overhaul the bureaucratic systems and modernize operations that will be profit-oriented. – Fungi Kwaramba, Harare

AirZim should be liquidated and AirZim 2 should be created with a lean staff – at least 200 workers instead of the current 1 400. No investor or partner will come into the current AirZim given its debt profile. It has become a bottomless pit. – Constantine Chimakure, Editor of The Zimbabwean Independent

Run it professionally. The business itself is viable so the problem is in the planning and administration departments. No airline is as broke as it is right now. – Reason Wafawarova, Sydney, Australia

That shell needs to be sold. It makes no business sense for the government to continue wasting money on it. Sell it to private investors and the government can retain a minority stake if it so wishes. Gone are the days of governments owning airlines as an expression of national pride. – Charles Mangongera, Harare

Find a fool who is willing to buy it. – Makomborero Mutimukulu, Harare

Lay off probably 3/4 of staff to cut costs, employ competent managers, who should be senior pilots and look for strategic partners. At present there are more managers than planes.

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