ZANU PF intensifies intimidation in Mbare

A human rights activist in Mbare has explained how ZANU PF is ratcheting up the intimidation in the area, after spending a weekend behind bars,

Sten Zvorwadzwa, the spokesperson for the Restoration of Human Rights Zimbabwe (ROHR) was arrested on Saturday after trying to report intimidation by known local ZANU PF leaders.

He told SW Radio Africa on Monday that the ZANU PF members, Clifford Mazarura and Clever Ntabende had tried to prevent him from working on Saturday, saying that only ZANU PF has the right to work in the area.

“I negotiated with them to go to the police station and get this sorted out, thinking I would have some police support. But instead, a ZANU PF aligned police inspector instructed the younger police officers to arrest me,” Zvorwadza said, adding: “I was just shocked and I couldn’t believe what was happening.”

Zvorwadza explained how both his legal team and a delegation from the government’s JOMIC grouping were denied access to him during his detention. He described being kept in filthy, cramped cells while also being denied food and water.

The ROHR member was finally taken to court on Monday morning. He explained how he had to be escorted to the court under fully armed police guard.

“There were so many ZANU PF youth militia trying to bar me from getting to court and they were calling for my head,” Zvorwadza said.

He explained that he was finally released on bail after being charged with posing a ‘threat to future violence,’ and he will be back in court in February. – SW Radio Africa

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