Zanu's dissolution call criticized

War vets leader Jabulani Sibanda’s call, urging Robert Mugabe to dissolve Parliament and announce a date for elections, has been highly criticized by a senior MDC-T official.

Speaking on SW Radio Africa’s weekly program Rebuilding Zimbabwe, Morgan Komichi, the MDC-T deputy national chairman, said Sibanda’s recent utterances can best be described as ‘naïve, frivolous and foolish.’

In a statement given prominence by the state media this week, the war vets leader said the country should go for an early election because COPAC had failed to produce a constitution in line with what people want.

Sibanda also called on COPAC to be immediately disbanded as it had ‘betrayed the views of the people of Zimbabwe.’

‘It is also clear that COPAC’s intention is to, as much as possible, delay the constitution making process so as to avoid the holding of elections this year. Our considered view is that the President, in terms of the current constitution, must dissolve Parliament and announce a date for elections,’ Sibanda said.

On Friday Komichi issued a scathing criticism of Sibanda’s statement saying he’s a ‘murderous gangster’ afraid that a new charter in the country will stop his heinous activities and make him accountable for his evil deeds.

‘If he calls himself a good politician or if he thinks he’s strong enough to stand the taste of democracy, why not wait for a referendum and allow all Zimbabweans to have a say on a new constitution.

‘If he doesn’t like it then he will have time to campaign against it or he should not try to subjugate the will of the people,’ Komichi said.

The MDC Senator said it is clear Sibanda, who has long taken the law into his own hands, is scared of the democratization process that seeks to outlaw his modus operandi.

‘Such people forget that this new charter is not for today or tomorrow. This document is for future generations to come. So why are they scared? That statement tells us two very important things about ZANU PF. First, they are too scared to operate under a new constitution as they won’t have the ‘legal’ machinery to beat and lock up people at will at the first sign of dissent.

‘Second, the disruptions to the constitution making process by ZANU PF tells us that the promise of free elections after the signing of the Global Political Agreement was nothing more than a cynical load of political gamesmanship,’ Komichi added. – SW Radio

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