ZESA rules out fault in Mujuru death

The inferno that reduced to ashes the late General Solomon Mujuru was not caused by an electrical fault according to a ZASA official, who is part of a team of experts who examined the general’s Beatrice farm house.

Douglas Chiradza Makungu, who is customer service officer at a ZESA station in Beatrice told the court during Mujuru’s inquest Thursday, that when he conducted an inspection at the late Mujuru’s house, he discovered that the pipes through which electrical cables run through had not been damaged by the fire.

“The wiring in the house was in iron pipes,” he told a bemused court, “In cases of a fault occurring inside such a pipe, the pipe should also have been burnt or grazed a bit. But we observed the pipes had not suffered such damage.”

Makungu went further to say further investigations that included interviewing the late Mujuru’s house maid showed that there were not high currency carrying appliances that the deceased could have used during the fateful night, putting paid to any thoughts the fire could have been caused by a ZESA fault.

“My conclusion is that the electricity cables were actually burnt by the fire,” Makungu added that he was later joined by other ZESA officials who also expressed the same opinions the fire had been started by an external component.

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