$1.4 billion needed for new source water system for greater Harare

Harare town clerk Dr Tendai Mahachi said Harare Metropolitan province said need about 1.200 mega liters of clean water on daily basis to cater for its residents .

Dr Mahachi said currently they are only pumping 630 mega litres of water a day which is far short of the required liters.

“At the rate of which the Harare is expanding we are likely to face a critical water problem in the next three years if no new water sources are built, the water reticulation and sewage system was designed to cater for only 250 000 residents and since then nothing has been one to cater for the ever growing population” said Dr Mahachi.

He added that the only solution water to built new dams such as Kunzvi and Musanhi and $1.4billion is needed for such projects to be completed hence the need to find a partner in order for these projects to be successful an easy to water problems in Harare.

The city council has also resorted to cut down on supplies to Harare’s low density suburbs in order to pump more water to high density suburbs which were affected by typhoid outbreak.

Greater Harare has been facing perennial water problems for a very long time since no developments have been done to up grade the water reticulation and sewage system in Harare an surrounding.

The water system for greater Harare was built in1956 and since then nothing has been done.

There’s need for government to ensure that they made available to refurbish the water, sanitation and sewage infrastructure as a matter of urgency.

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