A lot of diamonds: Vigil

The Vigil held a special birthday party for President Robert Mugabe as he celebrated the easing of targeted measures and news that Zanu (PF) is expected to sell India 11 million carats this year. That’s a lot of diamonds.

‘A big thank you to Baroness Ashton,’ said Mugabe, referring to the EU’s foreign affairs chief, who was at the centre of both developments, helping Zanu (PF) get Kimberley Process approval to unload its blood diamonds and getting sanctions removed on many of his cronies – despite Mugabe making it clear he has no intention of allowing free and fair elections.

The Vigil was interested to see that Zimbabwe was the only African country to vote in favour of President Assadslaughtering his people. Vigil supporters joined Martin Chinyanga in laying flowers at the Embassy door in honour of Zimbabwe’s murdered political activists. FOR THE RECORD: 47 signed the register.

Members also took part in the second Free Zimbabwe Global Protestorganized by the MDC in the diaspora to put pressure on South Africa to do something about Zimbabwe onTuesday. They met at the Zimbabwe Embassy at 12 noon and marched to the South African High Commission.

The next Zimbabwe Action Forum will take place on March 3, from 6.30 – 9.30 pm. Venue: Strand Continental Hotel (first floor lounge), 143 Strand, London WC2R 1JA.

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