Abridged Principals statement

The Principals met in Harare today to deliberate on key issues affecting the country.

Luke Tamborinyoka
Luke Tamborinyoka

The three, President Mugabe, Prime Minister Tsvangirai and DPM Mutambara, met for two and half hours at State House.

PM Tsvangirai and DPM Mutambara addressed the press after the meeting and said, as Principals, they had agreed on the following:

1) Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri

The Police Service Commission must be regularised so that it makes recommendations of potential candidates to the President. The Principals agreed that in line with the Constitution, the President would then consult and agree with the Prime Minister on the next Commissioner General of Police. The current position is that the office is vacant and Commissioner Chihuri is serving in an acting capacity.

2) Elections

The Principals agreed that they would now be monitoring the constitution making process at their level. They agreed that the date for the next election will be determined by a process which involves putting in place the necessary reforms that will ensure a free and fair election. To this end, the Principals want a report on the constitution making process from the Management Committee with estimated time frames of all the issues that require implementation.

On Monday 13 February, the Principals will meet Commissioners of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to appreciate their needs to put in place mechanisms that will ensure a free and fair election.

3) Media Reforms

The principals agreed that the Minister of Media Information and Publicity, must immediately implement the Principals’ directive to reconstitute the boards of ZBC, Mass Media Trust and the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe in line with the agreed formulae. The licenses already issued by the illegally constituted BAZ board should be revoked forthwith.

4) Land Audit

The Principals agreed that there must be a land audit to assess ownership and production levels at all the farms in the country.

5) The Attorney General’s Act

The Principals agreed that this Act must be immediately operationalised.

Luke Tamborinyoka

Director of Communications & Spokesperson

Office of the Prime Minister

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