BPRA Past Weekend Activities (25 and 26 Feb 2012)

Past Weekend activities (25 and 26 Feb 2012)

On 25 and 26 February 2012 BPRA held peace rallies dubbed ‘Township Peace Rallies’ in an effort to contribute towards a culture of peace and tolerance in communities. The meetings were addressed by Ray Ncube, Mandla Sibanda and Edwin Ndlovu representatives from ZAPU, MDC T and MDC respectively. The meetings were held at Nketa, Pumula and Makokoba constituency. The thrust of the meetings is to inculcate a culture of dialogue and engagement among residents belonging to different political parties in order to promote peace.

Meanwhile, BPRA also held a consultative meeting at Mpopoma (ward 9). Residents used the platform to take their leaders to task. The Member of Parliament and councilor accounted for the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) that was disbursed last year. After indicating that there is a balance of $12 000, residents requested that the money be used towards funding initiatives identified by the constituency.

Women and youth thrive for empowerment

At a meeting organised to brief the Minister of Women, Gender and Community Development on the challenges women faced in applying for loans and grants Mpopoma residents were urged to revamp women’s social clubs in order to corporate and apply for loans. The Ministry of Women, Gender and Community Development pledged to assist women and youth by facilitating a training workshop to capacitate them in order to be better placed to run small and medium enterprises. The women said that they faced challenges as the banks required collateral. To curb this challenge the ministry offered to assist women during the process and negotiate for the clause to be waved. Under the Residents Leadership Development Programme, BPRA has conducted training workshops aimed at improving residents’ advocacy skills. It is part of BPRA’s mandate to ensure that residents are able to engage various authorities and advocate for the betterment of communities.

Mpopoma residents seek divine intervention

Mpopoma residents will this week conduct prayer meetings in Matshobana, Northern Mpopoma, Mpopoma Central, Southern Mpopoma and Umvumila from 5.30 pm to 7pm. During the prayer sessions residents will pray for national leaders, rain, corruption and behaviour change among youth. Church leaders from various churches selected within the ward will be leading the prayer sessions.

Date Venue

27 February 2012 Mthiba Shopping Centre, Matshobana

28 February 2012 Brethren in Christ Church, Mpopoma Central

29 February 2012 Full Gospel Church, Northern Mpopoma

01 February 2012 Southern Mpopoma, Methodist Church

02 February 2012 Open space next to Little Angels Nursery School, Umvumila

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