Cattle rustlers finally nabbed

A gang of cattle rustlers which caused countless sleepless nights amongst villagers in Chinyika East area of Headlands and commercial farms in Rusape, Headlands, Macheke and Marondera has finally been caught.

Richard Gwangwa, Farai Mamutse , Robert Magada were finally nabbed in their Mandindi mountain valley hideout after an intensive ground and aerial helicopter search by members of the Zimbabwe National Army and the police Stock Theft Unit.

The gang was believed to be dangerously armed which deterred villagers from searching for their stolen beasts in the mountains.

Another gang syndicate cattle rustler ring leader from the same area, Blessing Kangai, is currently serving an undisclosed jail term for related offences.

The Mututsa gang was arrested on the spot without shoot-out.Ten stolen beasts whose value could not be ascertained at the time of going to print were recovered at the scene. On average a beast costs over $250. The gang has been remanded in custody to allow police time for further investigations.

Junior police details at both Inyati and Headlands police stations, who requested anonymity because they are not allowed to speak to the press, confirmed the latest details.

Villagers said the gang members had been untouchable, even in the glaring face of incriminating evidence and called for stiffer penalties in cattle rustling as a deterrent.

A local dip attendant, John Chipomho, advised farmers to use registered cattle brands with the department of Veterinary Services for easy identification in the event of stock theft. A brand certificate will be issued to each registered farmer.

He said a cattle census would be taken soon and villagers should report stolen beasts and register their cattle herd at their respective dip tanks.

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