CBOs face challenges

Despite the shift within donor communities to work directly with community-based organisations, it is proving difficult for CBOs to implement their projects.

“CBOs are facing diverse challenges depending on the nature of their programmes and their geographical areas of operation,” said Dr Chrispen Sukume, a development consultant.

The new development thrust now emerging requires that stakeholders promote community-friendly policies with direct benefits to people on the ground.

“The fact that the challenges that are faced by CBOs directly affect the continuity and existence of development work in communities calls for development agencies to direct their efforts and resources towards addressing such challenges,” said Alexio Mubaiwa, a development expert. According to Goal Zimbabwe, some of these challenges are legislative, others are related to the policy environment, institutional status, operational space, marketing, technology and the dependency syndrome.

“The emerging policy and legislative environment is largely supportive of CBO activity, offering a stronger platform for CBOs to lobby relevant authorities for the much needed support,” said a local representative who requested anonymity.

Many CBOs face challenges of recognition as the majority are not registered. Another challenge is that of operational space.

“The issue of operating space has remained a hurdle to our progress and growth as a CBO,” said the Director of Chitsanza Development Association, a CBO based in Nyanga.

“We also face transportation challenges and poor product marketing which leaves us with materials we cannot sell,” she said.

Lack of access to communication technology also impedes the ability of CBOs to network.

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