Charamba blasted for undermining Tsvangirai and Mutambara

Robert Mugabe’s spin doctor, George Charamba, was on Friday criticised by the MDC-T for being ‘wholly to blame’ for the deterioration in relations between coalition partners in the unity government.

George Charamba
George Charamba

Charamba sparked the backlash when he claimed President Robert Mugabe had extended Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri’s term of office to 2014. This is in contrast to Wednesday’s events were the ZANU PF leader was part of a principals meeting that reportedly agreed Chihuri would remain in his position in an acting capacity only.

Mugabe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara also agreed during the two and half meeting at State House that the Police Services Commission must be regularised so that it makes recommendations of potential candidates to Mugabe.

Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, told SW Radio Africa that Charamba was just waffling, adding: ‘Like I have said before, his position is at variance with common sense, with the Constitution of Zimbabwe and with the position of the Principals as agreed on Wednesday.’

Commenting on Charamba’s statements, Mutambara said despite his pronouncements they will stick to the content of their press conference on Wednesday. He added that they had documented records of the meeting from the chief secretary to cabinet, Dr Mischeck Sibanda, to prove their point.

The MDC-T legislator for Mbizvo in KweKwe, Settlement Chikwinya, branded Charamba a fraudster and accused him of leaking Tsvangirai’s letter to Mugabe last week to the state media. Tsvangirai had written to Mugabe calling on the principals in the inclusive government to address outstanding issues ahead of their Wednesday meeting

‘He received the letter but opted to first show it to their factional principals before showing it to Mugabe. It’s a pity Mugabe has long lost control of both the state and ZANU PF,’ Chikwinya said.

Senator Obert Gutu, the MDC-T deputy Justice Minister and party spokesman for Harare province, told us Charamba was trying to seek relevance by desperately clinging to the old order.

‘Nothing lasts forever. Change is inevitable. If people fail to adapt and engage into change mode, they will become extinct like the dinosaur or the dodo of Mauritius,’ Gutu said.

Former diplomat and political analyst Clifford Mashiri said Mugabe remains defiant as ever and has also become a master at treating his partners with contempt.

‘Mugabe is not worried about the welfare of his countrymen; his only concerns are that of his security and that of his family and the interests of the ruling elite. He retains people like Chihuri in their positions as he knows they will keep him power,’ Mashiri added. SW Radio Africa

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