CIO’s “nobody” vows to starve

A 24-year-old graduate of law and politics from Rhodes University in South Africa, David Hwangwa, is on a hunger strike in Africa Unity Square.

He is protesting against escalating human rights abuses. The police have not bothered him so far as they think he is a street kid.

“My aim is to force the principals in the inclusive government to acknowledge that the levels of violence and human rights abuses are getting out of hand. I hope that this can force them to consider changing their policies towards the use of both their illegitimate and legitimate use of violence,” Hwangwa told The Zimbabwean.

“I was abducted by the Central Intelligence Organization when I came back from South Africa in June 2011. I was released after a few hours because they said I was a “Nobody”. This has not only made me strong but has also baptized me to the reality of life today. Such abductions happen every day, especially to those people outside the public spot. There are no records of such abductions or detentions by the police and it is a matter of great concern because who knows of how many people vanish forever as a result of this.”

He uses Facebook and Twitter as well as interacting with people to get his message across.

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