City council falls short

Despite reports that 80 people have recently contracted typhoid here, the City Council is failing in its duty to collect refuse.

Mounds of uncollected rubbish on the streets.
Mounds of uncollected rubbish on the streets.

“Here in Budiriro 2, refuse trucks used to come every Thursday. When things were in order at Town House, we got new bins every fortnight, but there must be something terribly wrong at the moment,” said a local man, Ramios Jaricha.

He went on to blame Harare Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda and local government minister Ignatius Chombo for failing to resolve their disputes.

“Their disagreement is costing us dearly,” he said.

At Budiriro 1 shopping centre there is a nauseating odour from the mounds of uncollected refuse. The recent rain has caused streams of polluted water to flow from the rubbish heap into the area where vendors operate.

“Every one has learnt to ignore the bad smell,” said Ratidzo Mashava. “The Harare City Council must surely do something urgently before the situation degenerates into chaos.”

Residents expressed their concern that a typhoid or cholera outbreak would occur if action was not taken immediately.

“We know our health institutions were struggling to contain a typhoid outbreak in Mabvuku and the situation could be catastrophic if these diseases were to hit Budiriro,” said Mashava.

The city’s Department of Works has also come under fire for failing to cut the grass. Residents said that petty crime was on the increase as a result.

“In 2000 when Elias Mudzuri became Mayor of Harare, he changed our neighbourhood for the better. Before he came along Budiriro was known as Baghdad because we did not have electricity in our homes. During his tenure, Mudzuri came up with plans to subsidise the electrification of our houses and now we have electricity,” said Martin Dziva, a resident of Budiriro 4.

He went on to criticise the current administration in the Department of Works for its failure to honour its responsibility to the community.

“One day I spent hours looking for Dumbudya Close in Budiriro 2 because the signs were vandalized and had not been replaced. Road networks and sewer pipes are yet to be installed at certain housing co-operatives in Budiriro 4 and 5, despite the co-operatives having existed for the past 10 years. Something is really terribly wrong at Harare City council,” he said.

Calls to improve service delivery have fallen on deaf ears at the Harare City Council Department of Works. Regarding the health scare, no comment could be immediately obtained from the Harare City Council Director of Health Services, Dr. Stanley Mungofa

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