Civil servants urged to play dirty tricks on MDC

Top civil servants and rural district executives from across Mashonaland East Province have been instructed to sabotage MDC efforts to revive the economy ahead of the coming elections, according to highly placed sources.

Provincial Administrator, Cuthbert Ndarukwa
Provincial Administrator, Cuthbert Ndarukwa

Last Monday the Provincial Administrator, Cuthbert Ndarukwa, ordered senior civil servants and rural district council management to stall MDC development initiatives.

“Ndarukwa gave instructions that MDC development projects must be sabotaged at the earliest opportunity as the Tsvangirai-led political project should be dealt a fatal blow. He said if they managed to soil MDC economic projects and other developmental initiatives now, President Robert Mugabe and Zanu (PF) would easily regain lost ground,” said the source.

Ndarukwa reportedly told the meeting: “The former ruling party should be assisted to win back lost glory in the coming elections.”

Some participants told The Zimbabwean they were disturbed at the way such a senior civil servant meddled in politics.

“As chief executives of various local authorities, I strongly feel that our efforts and energy should be focused on the development of the country and economic recovery.

Joining forces with Zanu (PF) to fight MDC would not be in the best interests of the country.

Our role should be to further the national interest,” said a top civil servant who attended the meeting.

Concerned residents expressed their anger at Ndarukwa’s political manoeuvres and called on the inclusive government to reign in such wayward civil servants. They challenged the likes of Ndarukwa to leave government employment if they wanted to participate in full-time politics.

“Civil servants who feel as Ndarukwa does should resign from government and become professional politicians,” said an angry official from the PA’s office.

The Zimbabwean has also learnt that war veterans here approached municipal officers at Town House and threatened them for supporting the MDC council’s Wenimbe-Marondera Water Project.

“Why are you supportive of the Wenimbe water project which has given MDC so much political mileage? Since the project had been stalled for the past decade the impression now is that MDC is better than Zanu (PF). You, as the Zanu (PF) appointed council management, should do everything possible to sabotage such MDC projects,” the war veterans reportedly ordered council staff.

The council has managed to complete the long-awaited project, which will provide residents with safe and clean water at minimum cost.

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