Dabengwa’s ‘clumsy’ job: Sibanda

Notorious chairman of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, Jabulani Sibanda, recently attacked former boss and ZAPU leader, DumisoDabengwa, for his continued failure to produce audited statements of what he did as chairman of Matabeleland Zambezi Water project.

Jabulani Sibanda
Jabulani Sibanda

The war veteran leader took a swipe at Dabengwa for doing a ‘clumsy job’ during his tenure as chairperson.

“That project has not been in good hands after the late Vice President Joshua Nkomo and the late Makokoba Member of Parliament Sydney Malunga were at the helm. We had had fellows like DumisoDabengwa who were busy pursuing their personal interests and doing clumsy work instead of seeing to it that our people get water. I am very disappointed with him and we challenge the authorities to probe him,” said Sibanda.

Dabengwa was not available for comment as his phone was out of reach.

The government has, since the pre-independence period, listed several reasons for its failure to complete the Matabeleland Zambezi Water project. The initiative is aimed at easing water woes in the region and creating a green belt of irrigation schemes from the Zambezi River to Bulawayo. – Sencwa News Service

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