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For years Kudakwashe Blessing Mundoringisa watched as his fellow Zimbabweans were exploited in the workplace, until one day he could take it no more and he decided to take action.

Kudakwashe Blessing Mundoringisa
Kudakwashe Blessing Mundoringisa

In 2008, Mundoringisa was professionally involved with LG Bricks and Constructions, a six-year-old private company that sells construction materials. He had also started CTE consultants, a business and tax consultancy firm. However, it wasn’t until he formed Immigration Consultants that he was able to pursue his true passion of helping his countrymen.

His business works to advise Zimbabweans living in South Africa on ways to legalize their stay.

“We are middlemen between the Zimbabweans and the South African Department of Home Affairs,” said Mundoringisa. “We were heavily involved with the special dispensation permit under the Zimbabwe Documentation Programme, where we gave advice and explained the various implications of taking or not taking the permit. We really assisted many people, who have since legalized their stay here.”

The ZDP application process has now closed, but Mundoringisa’s organisation’s work is still far from over. Thousands still do not know where to go after they failed to receive their permits. The businessman is also lobbying for the permits to be extended for another year to enable bearers to become SA residents.

“At the end of each five years the permits expire and we go back to the Home Affairs Department to negotiate for permanent residence,” he added. “According to UN immigration laws, anybody who legally lives in a foreign country for five or more years becomes legible for permanent residency.”

Mundoringisa encouraged professionals to apply for general work permits, which his company deals with.

“The permits cost R8 500, but we will give a special discount for those who will contact us via The Zimbabwean,” he said.

Immigration Consultants also provides study, citizenship and accompanying spouse permits for those whose spouses or parents are already on South African permits.

This successful initiative is only one of the pies that this enterprising Mutare-born man has his fingers in. In 2009, he expanded his CTE business empire into commodity trading, where he deals with all grades of coal, iron ore, copper ore blisters, chrome, manganese and gold from as far as Ghana and Guinea.

When he is not doing business, he spends his time at the Living Tabernacle Church, preaching the word of God as a senior pastor.Born in 1973, he has an Honours degree in Economics and Administration. He briefly worked as an Import and Export Manager at Netshamah Beira region, Mozambique. In 1997 he left for Harare where he started NBA academy private school the following year. He left in 2000 for Gaborone, Botswana, where he lived for two years before migrating to South Africa.

His advice for those wishing to make it in a foreign country is simple – legalize your stay and get the dignity you deserve both at the workplace and socially.

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