Environment Africa grows stronger in Zambia

Environment Africa has strengthened it’s base in Zambia. Country director Namo Chuma is working hard to develop the office in Chibombo, a large rural agricultural area, situated between Lusaka and Kabwe. Chibombo has 265 commercial farmers and approximately 5500 smallscale farmers spanning 13,642 square km.

Environment Africa Zambia team.
Environment Africa Zambia team.

CEO Charlene Hewat visited the new office last week and met local officials. They all expressed their willingness to work with Environment Africa in improving the livelihoods of the people and children in the Chibombo and Livingstone districts.

“The Zambian Government and local authorities are very pro active in their work and commitment to a better life for Zambians.

It was amazing to see tracts of land with green healthy looking maize stretching for acres and acres, as far as the eye could see and when we stopped next to the combine harvesters to find out what was going on, we were told that all the maize being harvested was for cattle feed,” said Hewat.

This reinforced her belief that Africa has the potential to become the bread basket for the world.

Offices in Chibombo, Zambia.
Offices in Chibombo, Zambia.

In Livingstone District, E-Africa is working with the local Civil Society Forum, which has created a platform for learning and exchange of information among NGOs. They have received permission to implement the Green Schools project.

They have secured funding from Terre Des Homes Germany for an Ecological Rights Education project in Livingstone in collaboration with the Livingstone District Education Board in 15 basic and community schools. The objective of this project is to put the environmental rights of children on the agenda as a human right.

WFD, a German NGO, provided funding for setting up the Chibombo programme focusing on implementing community livelihood activities over the next three years in partnership with the departments of agriculture and forestry in Chibombo.

A private company, Alliance One, has partnered with the organisation in implementing afforestation programmes in Serenje and Kabwe. – www.environmentafrica.org

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