Fashion mogul to stand for election

He is the founder and chief executive officer of one of the fast growing clothing and entertainment brands in the world – Ruffcut$ International. He has hosted successful musical concerts, exhibitions, musical seminars, youth workshops and corporate events. But little did many know that his heart belonged to politics.

Marco Machona
Marco Machona

Marco Machona recently made stunning revelations on his official Facebook page about his decision to stand as an independent for GokweSouth in the next elections.

He told The Zimbabwean he had been born into politics. “Some were lawyers, advocates, doctors, Members of Parliament. One was the first black Mayor of Masvingo, some are war vets.

“At the age of nine, my mother registered me as a Zanu (PF) member and I have been active since those days – taking notes during meetings, delivering information between cells and cleaning guns for fighters based in Gokwe Area then.”

Machona said he and most of his generation were born into Zanu (PF). “We watched and absorbed everything the party told us: education, discipline, respect of parents, visions, focus and everything that Zanu stood for then. I have compared the Zanu (PF) that my mother introduced me to and the party today.

It no longer represents its own founding principles. The very essence of humanity and civilization that we all once supported has been eroded. It has therefore become almost impossible to defend this organization in any forum locally or abroad,” he said.

Machona defined the challenge as: to state what needs to be changed and HOW?

His father was a prison guard at Khami, Hwahwa, Connemara and Kadoma Reformatory. “One day I asked my father why he allowed the prisoners to drink our tea, eat sadza, play games, watch our TV and read newspapers.

He told me that they were political prisoners. I think that was a huge turning point. I was about 13 years old,” he said.

He was active in student politics at the University of Zimbabwe and admired Mugabe enormously. “But the more I read and studied the leaders, the more I became disappointed and the more I saw how a leader changed against his principles,” he said.

Although the MDC is an improvement on Zanu (PF), Machona says they are also running out of ideas to develop Zimbabwe. “In 10 years – MDC will be like Zanu (PF) of today – undemocratic, same leaders, no clear succession plan with the party, the “handiyende mentality” starts to creep in.”

He said his first task would be to bring the processing of textiles to the cotton-rich Gokwe area and ensure that coal should stay in Gokwe. “Those who want it should process it straight from Gokwe,” he said. He wants to create jobs, curb urban migration, and develop infrastructure to link the area with Zambia, Kariba and Beitbridge.

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