Finance ministry website still down after hacking

The website for the Zimbabwe Finance Ministry was still down on Friday, a day after the site was hacked and a joke article published as a news story.

The site ( was taken down on Thursday after it was hacked, but not fast enough for the news article to be shared on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

The article, “Robert Mugabe & Morgan Tsvangirai reportedly dead after being attacked by mole people”, said that: “At approximately 3pm the two presidential candidates were set upon by a gang of vicious mole people. It is unknown from where these mole people originated from, Some say they came from neighboring Zambia or Botswana, Others say they came from outerspace, Wherever they came from they certainly came for a reason.”

The website was apparently hacked by a group of hackers calling themselves Abs0lution The site is now down, with a message telling users that “our website is currently under maintenance.”

This is the second time the finance ministry’s website has been hacked after the international hackers group, Anonymous, targeted it in 2010. Back then, the site was hacked in the middle of an international row over revelations made by the whistle blowing website, WikiLeaks. Anonymous’ work on the Finance Ministry site led to it being shut down for several weeks. SW Radio Africa

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