Global News roundup

Media revelation

A British police chief has given evidence at the inquiry into media ethics claiming that reporters at the Sun Newspaper had a sophisticated network of corrupt officials to get stories. Commissioner Sue Ackers said a reporter paid out about $220,000.

No hurry

The American military will not hasten its departure from Afghanistan in light of a recent scandal involving US officers burning the Quran. Spokesman Captain John Kirby said protests and the recent killing of soldiers would not force them out.

Falklands fight

Fresh tensions have arisen between UK and Argentina as hostility grows over claims to the Falkland Islands. Two British cruise ships were refused entry to an Argentinean port. British officials said there was “no justification” for the move.

Militant jailed

An Indonesian court has confirmed a 15-year jail sentence handed to the country’s most prominent militant Islamic cleric. Abu Bakar Bashir, 73, was convicted of terrorism offences and an appeal initially reduced his sentence to nine years.

Putin plot

A Ukrainian-based plot to assassinate controversial Russian leader Vladimir Putin has been foiled. Security agents found Chechen rebels planned a bomb attack this weekend. Putin is tipped to return to the presidency after elections this weekend.

Fresh attacks

Nigeria’s troublesome Islamic sect, Boko Haram, has claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack in the city of Jos. The confirmation came with a warning of more attacks. A father and son were killed and 50 injured in the blast Sunday.

Kidnappings over

Columbian militants Farc have announced the end to a decades-long campaign of kidnapping. In a statement the Marxist insurgent’s leadership promised to release the citizens and soldiers they had captured to extort money to fund their cause.

Not a drill

North Korea’s new leader, Kim Jong-un, has visited an artillery battalion as the country warned its neighbours of retaliation if they go ahead with planned war games. South Korea is expected to engage in drills with the US forces this week.

Gillard survives

Australia’s Prime Minster Julia Gillard has seen off a challenge from her predecessor and will remain in the job. She beat Kevin Rudd – the man she replaced in 2010 – after a vote of her party members. She won by 40 votes.

PM resigns

Haiti’s government has again been plunged into crisis with the resignation of Prime Minister Garry Conille. He took office in October. It is unclear why the former UN diplomat decided to resign. A replacement is yet to be announced.

Ice and fire

Two Brazilian sailors have died and another was hurt after a fire at a research station in

Antarctica last weekend. The fire broke out in the engine room. Military police are investigating its cause.

Saleh moves on?

Yemen’s deposed president Ali Abdullah Saleh looks set to pack his bags and give in to pressure to leave the country. Sources say he is planning to move to Ethiopia. Yemenis have been calling for him to leave in order to undermine the new leader.

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