Govt work programme launched

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai this week launched the government work programme, with an emphasis on the need for accountability and the exposure of underperforming ministers.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai

Officially launching the initiative, Tsvangirai said that ministers were expected to make monthly reports to his office to ensure that there was accountability on how government resources were being used.

“Governments should not operate as secretive enclaves, and I will ensure that I update the people, through their elected leaders in Parliament, on our progress. The performance of ministers, as reflected by their failure or success in implementing agreed Cabinet positions and critical path targets, will be made public,” said Tsvangirai.

However, the threat to expose underperforming ministers is likely to further divide the polarised Government of National Unity. Tsvangirai urged ministers to work together to ensure that government targets were met.

“The Government Work program allows us to remain focused, engage each other on cross-cutting issues and harmonize our resources in an efficient way. Collaborative effort means the silo mentality among Ministries should come to an end. We will not achieve anything if we work on our own and the idea of clusters is to identify those cross-cutting issues for better implementation among Ministries,” said Tsvangirai.

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