How dedicated are we?

How dedicated are we to the struggle for Zimbabwe’s democratization? There seem to be too many voices speaking about the situation – and people are confused. It is critical that people begin to harness their energies towards speaking with one voice that shows that they are serious about the agenda of the day.

The church, youth, women, civil society and others need to speak as a unified force. Unity is vital.

Clarity is also important – we need to know where we are going, how we plan on getting there, over what period and employing what tactics. The road may not always be smooth but it is necessary that we plan and ensure that we stick with it right to the end. It is important that we seek to understand and be understood so we do not end up a waffling lot. We need to stop doing business as usual.

Dedication – it all comes down to a little madness. There is no way we can democratize Zimbabwe if we do not employ a certain degree of madness. This kind of madness comes in the form of understanding that in order for there to be a total transformation, that which is deemed as “undoable” is the way to do things.

Dedication means coming to a level where we look at our present circumstances and get so mad about the status quo that death and life look more or less the same.

This means if one upholds the status quo, they could actually stand a chance of dying and so if they are to die, they might as well die fighting and dice with the chance of being remembered as a fighter! So what shall it be with you today?

Will you stand around and mourn or get on your feet and start working at it a bit at a time, with unity, clarity and dedication? Do that which you can in your own little corner. Dare to dream. – Grace Chirenje-Nachipo, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition vice-chairperson

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