Hunger on the horizon…: Zanu hijacks inputs

Zanu (PF) has been accused of manipulating the distribution of farming inputs which has affected the production of small scale farmers.

A small scale farmer collects what she can from her diminishing harvest.
A small scale farmer collects what she can from her diminishing harvest.

Speaking to The Zimbabwean, Councilor for Ward 14 , Gilbert Ndlovu, said the distribution procedure for seed and fertiliser was manipulated by Zanu (PF) affiliates in the province.

“Farmers in my community did not receive government inputs on time. Seed and fertiliser distribution started way after the area had received its first rains in November,” he said. “Chief Nhlamba and chosen herdsman were assigned to distribute seed and fertilizer, but the process was not transparent.”

Ndlovu said the distribution exercise was highly politicized, with those affiliated to Zanu (PF) getting more than MDC-T supporters who had to share 50kg bags among three families.

According to the councilor, hunger was a very real possibility. “The majority of the farmers failed to plant this season and the few that managed to do so have been disadvantaged by the climatic conditions,” said Ndlovu.

Isaac Vela, a farmer from Chief Nhlamba’s area, said the major challenge was failing to plant seed on time.

“Most farmers did not plant on time and the rains came for just a short period, We last had rain in November and our crops have been affected by this heat,” said Vela.

Vela said the community needed to be educated about water harvesting techniques in order to reduce run-off, which causes erosion.

“Lack of knowledge on how to adapt to our environment has affected the community’s output. Ntepe River has dried up, but people continue to dig wells on the banks of that river.

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