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Cops must stop

The traffic police must not be allowed to smash commuter omnibus screens in trying to stop the drivers as they are currently doing.

It is dangerous to the passengers sitting in front. What do they have to offer passengers who are injured in the process? – Portia, T. Harare.

What is CABS up to?

How many people were granted loans by CABS bank and how many lost the $10 they paid to open accounts?

The bank called on youths to open accounts so that they could apply for loans. Thousands raced to apply. So many of my friends failed to get a loan. I wonder if CABS hasoffered anyone that loan so far? They must tell us please. –Frustrated, Chitungwiza.

State media surprise

I was surprised by the state media’s analytical skills with a story last week in The Herald with headline “All the PM’s girlfriends” something like that. Why would they want to magnify who the PM dates?

Should he be forced to marry someone he has found not to be his type just because he is a celebrity and The Herald thinks that is a way of leading by example? –John John, Kwekwe.

Green Fuel needed

Thumbs up to Billy Rautenbach for coming up with Green Fuel, we need more of hard working and innovative businessmen in this country. –Guy Anders, Borrowdale.

Give back land

If we have a new government separate from Zanu (PF) in this country we will need to do a proper land redistribution process and give back white farmers their land. While I admit that they will be benefiting from what belongs to black Zimbabweans, if they are doing a better job with the fertile lands why then not leave them to it?

After all every Zimbabwean benefited from the white farmers’ agriculture before they were chased away. – Mazvimbakupa, Chiredzi.

Clean up Matapi

The government should do something about giving Matapi flats in Mbare a makeover. The people living there deserve a normal clean life and those responsible should take action. – Garikai Mareva, Mbare.

Road work please

There is serious need to work on our roads please. Do we still have a ministry of roads in Zimbabwe? If so, what are they using the money from the government for? – Henry, Marondera.

Stop the rape

Two city women were raped at Denver farm whilst fetching firewood last week. They suspect farm workers. 0779667739 – Bulawayo Cowdray Park

Ingqubekela phambili

Adult school yeNgwanae Plumtree lanxabe lohlupholwe zingwalozo kubala, badingausizo kuHulumende. – 0778069958, Plumtree

Ukwakhiwakwama Secondary schools kuthembisa ukwehlisainani labangayangae mfundwe niephezulukanti njalo sekuphungule umangowoku hanjelwakwe zikoloe Plumtree. – 0778069958, Plumtree

Usomabhizimusi owaziwayo ohlalae Luveve usezinike leekuncedisenia bantuabadalale ntandane ngokudlale mali yokubhadala esikolokanyelo kuthengaa mabhuku. – 0775188035, Luveve.

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