Joint MDC-T/ZANU PF peace rally held in Makoni South

In a move that is unprecedented in Manicaland province, a ZANU PF chief invited members from all political parties to a peace rally last Friday, where officials from the MDC-T and ZANU PF denounced political motivated violence.

The MDC-T provincial spokesperson and MP for Makoni South, Pishai Muchauraya, said the rally was organized by Chief Chiduku, who is also a ZANU PF senator. Crowds were gathered at Mukamba Business Centre, in Ward 28, Makoni South.

Chief Chiduku has in the past been blamed for promoting political violence in the area. To his surprise, Muchauraya said the chief distributed fertilizer to all who attended the rally, regardless of political affiliation.

Asked why MDC members would trust that they would be safe at a rally organized by a chief known to be violent towards the MDC, Muchauraya said the area has majority MDC supporters so they felt safe.

“Chief Chiduku came to my office and told me he wanted to make sure that members from all political parties attended. He instructed all the village heads under him to make sure as well,” Muchauraya explained.

Several officials from both parties addressed the crowd, denouncing political violence and warning any future perpetrators that they would be prosecuted and fined if proven guilty.

Muchauraya said impunity has been part of the problem when it comes to violence, because ZANU PF thugs were confident that no police official would investigate or make arrests in any case reported by the MDC.

“The response was very huge and people were very happy to see the chief giving out fertilizer to all political parties. We don’t know whether the trend will continue but for that occasion it was excellent,” Muchauraya said. SW Radio Africa

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