MDC distances itself from draft constitution rumours

MDC has advised Zimbabweans not to take seriously allegations emanating from the the Herald that the Constitution Select Committee (COPAC) has overhauled the draft constitution.

Jessie Majome
Jessie Majome

COPAC spokesperson, Jessie Majome said Zimbabweans are well-informed to the extent that they are able to define a constitution that represents their interests. She said the misleading reports are a result of ZANU (PF)’s strategy to gag the constitution-making process, manipulate public discourse and misinform the people thereby, causing mayhem.

“Drafting of the constitution is a process and not an event. ZANU (PF) through The Herald should not highjack a process in which they are not the only stakeholders. The Herald has neither business, authority, mandate nor understanding to publish, analyse or comment on any document purported to be a draft constitution. The failed political party is attempting to drive the constitution-making process from The Herald. The Select Committee is the only legal entity able to present the draft,” said Majome.

Responding to allegations that clauses to do with presidential term, dual citizenship, homosexuality, land reform and devolution of power had been altered, Hon. Majome said whoever was leaking information has lost it and received a backlash as the public likes the draft constitution, she said.

“There is nothing spectacular about a particular clause or section in the draft. The drafting of the constitution is a confidential process and is out of order to present an issue to the media or public. The process must be private until finished. The Herald is undermining the process and pushing the ZANU (PF) agenda.”

Majome said ZANU (PF) is terrified with the process, thereby trying to discredit it. It even wants to monopolise debate surrounding the constitution through The Herald. She challenged the publisher to stop pre-emptying debate forthwith and refrain from maintaining a stronghold on public media.

The spokesperson also urged ZANU (PF) and the public media to let COPAC do its

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